Research data on pest threats to industrial hemp crops is currently limited.  According to a Colorado State University Emeritus and Entomologist professor, there is a reason for that limited data:

"What remains unique about industrial hemp as a crop in the United States is that there has been no information on what are the pest issues at all and that couldn't start until about 2014 when researchers were allowed to go into fields on an unlimited basis," said Whitney Crawshaw.

Through the 2014 Farm Bill according to Whitney Crawshaw.  So far, six major insect and might threats to industrial hemp crops have been identified.  Yet limited field study means there are still data gaps regarding control and management of these pests.  Such as pesticide use.

"We have a tremendous problem with getting pesticides allowed on this crop," Crawshaw added.  "There has been no ability to register any kind of pesticides over the years because it wasn't recognized as a crop," and integrated pest management strategies.

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