The Dairy Farmers of Washington, in collaboration with its partners, is hosting a free event day in Whatcom County on Saturday, June 15, from 10 am to 4 pm.

The "Whatcom This Whey" day welcomes the community to visit local dairy farms, creameries, and cheesemakers to learn more about how their food is made and to sample or buy some great, local products.

The event is "unscheduled" and takes place across eight locations in Whatcom:

  • Twin Sisters Creamery
  • Appel Farms Cheese
  • Grace Harbor Farms
  • Steensma Creamery
  • Twin Brook Creamery
  • Acme Farms Cheese
  • Lensenn Dairy
  • Eaglemill Farms
  • Van Dellen Farms

The freeform tours include behind-the-scenes at farms, from cow care, milking tools, calf raising, and farm practices. Creamery visitors can learn about the artistry of cheesemaking straight from the source. Education on soil management, habitat preservation, manure management, and more will also be covered.

Picnic spots and bike accessibility are part of the event plan.

Visitors are reminded to wear farm-appropriate walking shoes or boots, prepare for the weather, and bring an insulated cooler for dairy purchases. Pets should be left at home.

For more information visit the "Whatcom This Whey" tour page.

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