Washington State University Extension and the Washington State Department of Agriculture through the WA Meat-UP program – with grant funding from the USDA NIFA Western Extension Risk Management – are excited to announce the first Mobile LAMB 300 short-course. The course is a spin-off of the traditional WSU LAMB 300 courses held on WSU Pullman campus in the past. This hand-on LAMB 300 course will be held October 5-7 at the WSU Extension Spokane County office.


Mobile LAMB 300 is a three-day, hands-on workshop designed for progressive individuals involved with all aspects of the sheep industry. The course will focus on teaching producers, feeders and marketers – regardless of the size or type of operation – how to produce and market quality lambs and lamb products. Participants will learn how nutritional, genetic and managerial factors contribute to meat quality. Participants will also learn how meat quality factors influence the price producers receive for lamb and lamb products marketed through various outlets.


This program will increase one’s understanding of lamb quality and marketing, enabling participants to make informed decisions to improve profitability, competitiveness and wholesomeness of their products. Packer, retailer and chef participation is also encouraged, as each segment gains appreciation for opportunity to improve profitability for all involved in the production of lamb and enhances the quality eating experience for the consumer. The course will feature nationally recognized speakers in the area of sheep production, feeding, processing and marketing.


The registration fee for Mobile LAMB 300 is $125 per participant, which covers meals, materials and parking arrangements. Hotel accommodations will be the responsibility of the participants. The course is limited to 16 participants and will be available on a first-pay, first-serve basis. The registration deadline is September 20th.


For additional information, contact: Paul Kuber, 509-477-2185 or pskuber@wsu.edu; or Sarah M. Smith, WSU Regional Extension Specialist, 509-754-2011, Ext 4363 or smithsm@wsu.edu.


Click Here for more information or to register.

Sources: Washington State Sheep Producers & American Sheep Industry Association

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