Earlier this week, the Washington Red Raspberries Commission issued an alert, asking consumers to buy local.  The request came after a host of growers were informed that their fruit would not be purchased, thanks to a glut of less expensive fruit from overseas, mainly from Mexico.  Henry Bierlink, Executive Director of the Washington Red Raspberries Commission said that new devastated many local growers.  He said the rules and regulations that ensure workers and food in the U.S. is safe makes the playing field uneven and that will only change when consumers demand something different.


“Hey if we people want to really be serious  about food safety, environmental protection, labor protection, they need to look a little bit about where their fruits, and berries, it’s not just berries, but all their fruit, and vegetables.”


Since most raspberries grown in Washington are destined for juice or the freezer, Bierlink says it can be difficult to find out from where your fruit comes.  He said that’s another challenge the commission is looking to overcome.


"We’re looking at how can we say that more clear, what kind of laws are needed, for labeling? How do we help people make those kinds of decisions? Those aren’t easy answers, but we are asking those questions.”


Click Here to read the Commission's Consumer Alert




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