The Oregon Horse Council has put out an urgent call for help from equestrians, asking for them to send messages to their state legislators and asking them to vote for SB 1576A.

The new bill, SB 1576A, is emergency legislation meant to reinstate, temporarily, recreational immunity in Oregon until a permanent fix can be crafted.

As the Oregon Horse Council explains:

A recent court case gutted Oregon’s recreational immunity law, which encouraged landowners to open lands to the public for recreational use by protecting the landowner if a recreational user sought damages after an injury. Because of the lack of recreational immunity, parks and municipalities across the state have closed trails. If the Oregon legislature doesn’t pass a new recreational immunity law, more trails will close.

The Oregon Horse Council is also asking voters to request an amendment to extend language to include horseback riding.

You can read more about these efforts, and find out how to send in notes to your local legislators on this bill, on the OHC's website.

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