This June, PNW Ag went to the OSU and USDA-ARS Field Day at the Pendleton Station. Here we talked with Oregon State University's Dean for the College of Agricultural Sciences, Staci Simonich.

Staci Simonich: Yesterday we were in Hermiston at the Wheatfield Day there, and at our station in Hermiston here in Pendleton it's a great turnout. This is really one of the highlights of the year for me as dean, well along with Roundup, both Pendleton events. It's just a great group of both OSU College of Ag Sciences scientists and USDA scientists here in Pendleton, really working together to help provide the information, the science, and the data that the wheat industry needs to move forward in the future and solve today's problems.

PNW Ag: I was very happy with the different setups for the different tours and different talks. I've been so impressed. It's a huge turnout, I think they said 130 people signed up?

Staci Simonich: Yeah that's usually the case. You go out in the field and there's some talks, and some posters in the shade, so there's really lots of different options for growers to come and hear the latest about what's happening at the station and happening at OSU.

PNW Ag: I know it's hard to stand up and say "I have a question about this," but I am impressed with how many people are asking questions. So how many students do you have here today?

Staci Simonich: Well here today in the college total, we have 3,300 students and our enrollment keeps going up, so it's we're in a good position with the students. I don't know how many students today - probably 30, maybe 35. Students that are here doing internships either at our Hermiston station or in Pendleton, to students that are graduate students, students that have their PhDs and their postdocs, so probably 30-35 students here today.

PNW Ag: And all have been very helpful with all my questions. Do you have anything else you want to add about this beautiful day?

Staci Simonich: I would say we really appreciate the wheat industry and their tremendous support. We have over 225 commodities in the state, and some of the strongest partnerships with the wheat industry in terms of collaborative support for each other. I was really grateful for that and for the support of this station.


OSU and USDA-ARS Field Day Pendleton June 11, 2024

Images from the OSU and USDA - ARS Field Day for wheat in Pendleton on June 11, 2024.

Gallery Credit: Pacific Northwest Ag Network

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