In the 1930’s the federal government brought electric power to all of rural America today the mission is to bring high speed Internet access to everybody in rural areas.


“It's one of the many ways we're ensuring that folks no matter where they live have a shot at success by having access to high-speed Internet,” said Agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack last week after announcing additional funding for new Internet projects across the country, including a trio of efforts in the Northwest.  Vilsack noted this will help give rural residents, businesses, as well as farmers that better shot at success.


“The farms benefit to the extent that they are using any form of precision agriculture the ability to have access to the internet, it’s also going to give them the ability to properly market their grain or whatever it is that they're buying or selling on that particular day.  It is essential to the capacity of folks to succeed.”


And he said bringing internet to rural places will even the rural/urban playing field and make sure that rural America remains a place of opportunity.


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