The USDA plans to announce projects receiving funding via the partnership for climate smart commodities program later this month.  Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack said climate smart commodities will help revive rural communities in a variety of ways.


“You start paying farmers for climate smart practices, that income comes into the farm, they’re going to spend it, they’re going to invest it in their community, and create small business opportunities, it’s going to create contracting opportunities.  When we stay transitioning agricultural waste into a variety of products, it means small processing facilities being located throughout the country.  It’s very similar to the refineries we see for biofuels; multiply that by chemicals, materials, fabrics, fiber; it’s a new revenue stream for farmers.  More equipment, people that need to repair that equipment, folks who need to market those products, that’s all going to happen in rural places.  And if you have broadband, the great thing is you can do business anywhere and everywhere.”


Visit the USDA's Website to earn more about the partnership for climate-smart commodities program. 


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