“The U.S. and Africa have long worked together through government-to-government relationships, business-to-business relationships, but it is truly through our public-private partnerships that most impactful work is in fact done," said Ag secretary Tom Vilsack Wednesday, as he was moderating a panel at the U.S.-Africa Leaders summit in Washington D.C.


The event was focused on how these public-private partnerships can play a role in both increasing Ag productivity within sub-Saharan Africa and strengthening supply chains to global marketplaces.


“Africa holds great potential and each country offers unique opportunities for these exact types of partnerships particularly within agriculture and the Agri-business sector.”


Vilsack noted Sub-Saharan Africa's Ag collector employs 2/3 of the region's population and is responsible for 14% of the area's gross domestic product.  He added the regions agricultural growth rate is higher than other regions of the globe over the last 20+ years.


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