As with any new business endeavor it often takes time to get it going and growing and that's the case with hemp in this country.  It's not only a new crop for farmers, on the production side, it also comes with it extra reporting and testing as well as other regulatory requirements that can be daunting.  Before a recent Senate Ag Committee, USDA Under Secretary Jenny Moffitt told lawmakers that USDA is working on measures to help potential hemp farmers.


“One is to make sure that we have an easy registration process and a streamlined IT process so that hemp producers and testing and all of the procedures that go along with hemp production are in in one system that is easy to communicate with producers as well as with the local officials.”


Moffit added the USDA has also started publishing a weekly hemp market report.


“That will provide weekly, timely information for hemp producers to be able to access information on market so they can make informed business decisions.”


Click Here to check out that report for yourself.


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