According to the USDA, farmers on average saw an increase in what they received price wise for their commodities in the final month of 2022.  The increase in USDA's latest agricultural prices report was 3.1% from the previous month and both commodity indexes crop and livestock reported month-over-month increases in what producers received price wise.  The over 1% increase in crop production prices came from rises in December, of food and feed grade, add oil seed crops, countering lower prices received by fruit, nut, vegetable and melon growers.


The almost 5% rise in livestock prices received by producers was fueled primarily by a 15% jump at poultry and egg prices month-over-month.  This offset of 3½% reduction and what dairy growers receive price wise and a slight decrease in meat animal prices from the previous month.  Also, what producers paid for inputs and services in December remained unchanged from November.


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