On Capitol Hill last week a word of warning from the USDA's chief scientist.


“Once the world leader the United states now trails far behind other major nations and public agriculture research investments," noted USDA Under Secretary for Research, Education and Economics Dr. Chavonda Jacobs-Young.  She told a house Ag subcommittee that over the last 20 years, when factoring in inflation.


“Federal investments in agricultural research have declined by a third falling far behind our international partners.”


Especially far behind China who she said is reportedly outspending the United States 2:1 in ag research.  Jacobs-Young told lawmakers more money for ag research would be a worthy investment.  She noted between 1900 and 2011, federal investments in ag research generated on average $20 for the U.S. economy for every $1 of spending.  Jacobs-Young added without a strong ag research funding base, the U.S. is missing a chance to help farmers and producers.


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