While a few, or perhaps even many, shelves at grocery stores across the country have been low during the coronavirus pandemic, " but if we look at the prices we weren't seeing big pricing,"

USDA Economist, Gianna Short, says the most recent Consumer Price Index which covers March, shows  a 0.4% drop in the price index for all goods in the economy; the steepest monthly decline in over five years but again, "the food sector, especially at the grocery stores, remained relatively stable."

Overall grocery store food prices did go up, but only by 0.5%. Some items, eggs for example, went up even more than that, but even so, wholesale egg prices tripled, but at the grocery store, "egg prices only went up 1.7%. Ground beef went up 1.4%," Short said.

She also noted that milk did not increase. So Short said stores may be a little low on supplies, but shoppers are not seeing big price increases.

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