Trade Representative Katherine Tai returned to the U.S. Thursday following a successful trip to Europe. Tai, along with counterparts from the European Union and the United Kingdom, agreed to suspend tariffs caused by disagreements over aircraft. Tai, announcing the agreement with the UK Thursday, said both the EU and UK and the U.S. will establish working groups on large civil aircraft. Each side intends not to impose countermeasures for a period of five years, starting July 4. Countermeasures in the dispute in the past include imposing tariffs on U.S. agriculture and food products.

Regarding the UK, Tai states, “Reaching an agreement with the United Kingdom to finally put the large civil aircraft disputes behind us is a great step forward for our special relationship.”

House Agriculture Committee Chair David Scott, a Georgia Democrat, said, “This announcement is welcome and will certainly set the stage for important future bilateral agreements between the U.S. and our European allies.”

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