► Building will be leased by Manzana Products Co., Inc

► Facility is a former fruit processing plant with over 275k square feet

► Operations expected to begin by December 2025


Manzana, an apple cannery from California, has announced that it plans to open an apple processing facility in Sunnyside, Washington.

Andy Kay, Manzana's CEO, stated:

Washington is the “Capital” of West Coast apple production, and we look forward to being in the heart of the bountiful Washington apple orchards.

Yakima County Development Association helped Manzana locate a new home

The long-term lease of the Sunnyside facility was executed through Larry Hull at Megalodon LLC and was supported by Scott Kupperman at Kupperman Location Services. Yakima County Development Association (YCDA) worked with Manzana to help select the right building for their needs.

Manzana's current apple processing facility is in its home of Sebastopol, California. It's the only apple plant left in Sonoma County, as grape vines have gradually replaced the Gravenstein apple orchards of the area.

Yakima looking forward to new jobs in the community

The new facility will hire an anticipated 150 employees over the next five years. Jay Hester, Executive Director of the Port of Sunnyside, stated,

Manzana fits perfectly in our agriculture and manufacturing cluster. The facility will bring family wage jobs to Sunnyside and positively impact our community well into the future. We are grateful to have been a part of the recruitment process.

The building will be cleared and equipped during 2024. Limited production is expected in fall 2024 to take advantage of the apple season. Afterward, Manzana will continue to expand its production in the Sunnyside facility until it has fully moved its operations from Sebastopol.

The move will also allow Manzana to expand its production capabilities and versatility, such as being able to create new packs of sauces and a new pouch line.

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