Sound Agriculture, new to the Pacific Northwest, is looking to help producers improve their bottom line by reducing their input usage and costs.  Because of that, Zach Carlson with Sound Ag said they have introduced Source to the region.  He noted Source is applied to the soil, activating nitrogen fixing microbes.  Carlson added soil pH ties up phosphorus very, very quickly, and Source looks to change that.


“So, everybody has a really kind of a bank of phosphorus but they can't access it.  So, source activates the microbes in the soil to actually unlock a lot of those nutrients, not just send NMP but quite a few others too.”


Carlson added with their expansion into the PNW, the list of commodities that can benefit from Source has expanded as well, to now include alfalfa, wheat, grass hays, and he added they are not stopping there.  He said Source proves that farmers can be sustainable and profitable at the same time.


“But, products like Source are that tool in the toolbox to unlock that ability to do so.  Nitrogen's king, but unfortunately nitrogen is very expensive and I don't see that market coming off the highs for a little bit if ever.  So, we really need to be looking into how can we be sustainable with the water that we have, making sure the nitrates are not increasing.  But profitability it's not about how much bushels you get off of every acre.  We need to be thinking about how much money we can make off each acre by maybe lowering yields but our profitability is higher because their inputs are lower.”


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