Washington representative Kim Schrier kicked off a tour of the 8th district Friday with a Farm Bill listening session in western Washington.  Schrier said regardless of where she goes in the district, there are certain themes of the Farm Bill that always rise to the top.


“The things that matter most are things like forestry, resilient forests, and avoiding wildfires. Specialty crop research making sure we have a lot of financing for research institutions, because how important Washington State University research is for example for the state. And then market access programs making sure that our apples and cherries have markets overseas. And food programs of course are important everywhere in the district.”


Schrier was joined by local farmers, area leaders as well as Washington State Department of Agriculture Director Derek Sandison last week.  Schrier noted that she works a lot with the director.


“We have quite a bit of interaction. I would say that I see director Sandison many times every year, whether in person, or on online meetings, and we share our priorities. We're both in line with what Washington state needs.”


Friday’s listening session came on the heels of Schrier being named Chair of the New Democrat Coalition’s Farm Bill Task Force.


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