Representative Rick Crawford of Arkansas is seeking the top Republican seat on the House Agriculture Committee after the 2020 election. Crawford told the Arkansas Farm Bureau last week that if the Republicans win control of the House, he will run for chair of the committee.


House Republican rules limit members from serving in leadership positions on a committee for more than six years, preventing current ranking member Mike Conaway from serving as the top Republican beyond the current Congress. Crawford said he believed his biggest competition for the role would come from Representatives Austin Scott of Georgia and Glenn “G.T.” Thompson of Pennsylvania, according to the Arkansas Democratic Gazette.


If Republicans regain majority control of the House after the 2020 elections, and Crawford is reelected, he would be running for the Chairmanship of the committee. Democrat Collin Peterson of Minnesota currently chairs the committee. Reelection and winning the top committee seat would put Crawford in the driver’s seat leading up to the next farm bill.



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