Potato Sustainability Alliance will host their first-ever Summer Symposium in Boise in July.  John Mesko, PSA Executive Director said the purpose of the four-day event is to move the industry forward when it comes to quantifying and reporting sustainability.

“So that the information the consumer public wants to have about how potatoes are raised, the impacts and the benefits to the environment potato production, that can all be transferred in a way satisfies everybody’s questions and doesn’t have an undue burden on farmers.”

Mesko added it’s incredibly important growers attend so they can have their voice heard in the ongoing sustainability discussion.

“Farmers are busy farming, farmers are busy putting their potatoes in the ground and making sure they get to harvest, and making sure that the storage is right and handling their marketing and so forth.  And so, we need to hear from them at an event like this, so that what we do what we develop in terms of quantifying sustainability works for farmers.”

The Symposium runs July 11th-14th in Boise.  To learn more or for ticket information, E-mail PSA.

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