A bill in the Oregon legislature would add electric farm tractors to the list of vehicles eligible for rebates.  State Representative, Wilsonville’s Courtney Neron said an incentive would start the process.


"If we do not incentivize the transition to electric agricultural vehicles, then we are also missing an important opportunity to reduce emissions in the agricultural sector which also plays a significant role in driving climate change."


State Representative Virgle Osborne, from Rosburg, says the rebate isn't enough to help with the purchase of a high-powered tractor.


"When you're talking tractors that can be as much as a quarter-of-a-million dollars, so I feel this is a great bill, I don't feel it goes far enough for the farm industry."


Critics also worry about how adding tractors to the E-V rebate program would affect the amount of money available to other drivers.  The bill remains in committee.


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