State lawmakers in Oregon are considering changes to rules governing home-based food businesses.  Bend State Senator Tim Knopp is chief sponsor of the bill he said opens up opportunities for more small food-based businesses.


“Baked goods, confectionary items, coffee beans, teas, popcorn, jams, jellies, honey, syrup, fruit butters, mixed nuts, freeze-dried foods, dried and dehydrated foods.”


Jennifer Berg started baking sourdough during the pandemic, selling bread from her front porch in Bend.  She wants the sales cap removed for the cottage food industry.


“Our gross annual sales are capped at $20,000.  That’s one of the lowest on homemade food sales in the nation; it’s actually below poverty wage.”


Knopp’s bill would also allow for online sales.  He added lawmakers should try to help level the playing field for these businesses and give them an opportunity to start.


The bill remains in committee.


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