As potato growers plan for the coming season, Kim Helgen, lead with Bayer-Plus, says it’s critical to plan now for the most important days of the growing season; the first 90 days. Helgen noted that Bayer’s portfolio coves every stage of growth in that first three months, allowing growers to think about the specific needs of their operation. And she noted those needs can vary field to field, thanks to soil conditions, weather and much more, so to assist, Bayer-Plus is there to answer questions specific to your operation.

“In Bayer Plus, we have our own special team aligned to help service the customer as they’re working toward getting their rewards for their potato purchases.  As you look at the needs agronomicly from a customer field to field, we have excellent field representatives that will address those and work closely with our retail partners to service that grower.  And there are several good ones [in the Pacific Northwest], Kyle Strichilla is one of the ones that I know very well and would be happy to help those customers.”

Helgen acknowledged with input costs moving higher across the board, some producers are looking for ways to save on their bottom line. But she stressed it’s vital to look at Bayer’s portfolio as an investment now that will position the crop for the best outcome when it’s time to harvest.

“Protecting the crop is going to really yield you the advantage, right, making sure you get the best ROI. And while the input costs are challenging right now, Bayer has stood firm that we won’t change our programs and we’re going to make sure we’re here for our farmer customers and our retail partners and so we will have Bayer Plus here to help with that ROI conversation.  But we know these inputs are critical for protecting the yield advantage of the crop, and that’s what needs to be considered even in a rough and challenging year.”

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