Oscar Mayer is calling on bacon enthusiasts to abstain from bacon delight of any kind on World Vegan Day, November 1st.  The company said, "Deliciously tempting bacon, smoked with real wood smoke for 12 hours, can be tough for those who wish to give up meat."


According to a recent survey, more than half of vegans have abandoned their diet for bacon, making it the ultimate "gateway meat."  Research shows that 63% of vegans wish they could eat bacon, and 56% admit bacon's delicious taste temps them.

attachment-Bacon Oscar Mayer #1


To show the brand's dedication on November 1st, Oscar Mayer will reduce temptation by removing all bacon from paid media, and censoring, blurring and removing bacon from its social media.  Oscar Mayer’s new campaign encourages fans to “BacOFF,” on social media, by pledging to give up bacon on World Vegan Day.  Those who choose to do so could win a lifetime supply of bacon.


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