With harvest in full effect for many commodities across the Pacific Northwest, the Oregon Farm Bureau is asking drivers to keep their eyes peeled as farmers and to share the roadway. Oregon Farm Bureau’s Anne Marie Moss, said drivers should proceed with caution, courtesy and patience when behind slow moving, large equipment.


"People don't realize when they are driving 55 miles per hour and they come up on a tractor that's only driving 20 miles per hour, it takes only eight seconds to close the gap the length of a football field between you and that tractor.”

Moss added, despite frustrations of drivers, farmers have every legal right to use the roadways for their farm equipment, even if it can’t travel 55 mph. She noted there extra caution will keep farmers and everyone using the roadway safe, making sure everyone gets to their destination.

"It's important to follow all of the road safety rules for example, not to pass on a blind corner, don't pass a tractor when it's not legal to pass and wait for a passing lane.”

Moss added farmers can help by not moving equipment or implements on highly traveled roadways, especially at peak travel times.

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