The National Milk Producers Federation wants the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to speed up the approval of climate-smart feed additives.  The group wants the FDA to modernize its regulations allowing for faster approval of animal feed additives that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The milk producers submitted comments to the agency highlighting the need for urgent action to enhance dairy’s role as a climate solution.


“Innovative and voluntary solutions are needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including methane,” said Dr. Jamie Jonker, NMPF Chief Science Officer. “Feed composition changes can directly or indirectly reduce enteric emissions resulting from livestock.”


While animal feed additives help on the path to net-zero emissions, the pace of their approval lags behind competitors like the European Union due to current FDA processes.


“One of the greatest opportunities that exists for dairy farmers is their ability to provide real solutions to many challenges like GHG emissions,” Jonker continued.


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