Last week, specifically Thursday the 18th, marked the one-year anniversary of the Food and Drug Administration’s pledge to address dairy labeling issues regarding non-dairy products.  However, the National Milk Producers Federation said the process toward enforcement of current laws has slowed.



“Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gotlieb confessed that almonds don’t lactate and more importantly he said that, we are not enforcing our definitions for what is and what is not milk," said NMPF spokesperson Chris Galen.  "And we’re going to be taking information from the public to do something about it.”


Galen said the FDA had a comment period over the winter, but they have yet to use that information or announced any changes.  Galen said unfortunately shortly after Gotlieb announced the comment period, he resigned, leaving the FDA a headless horseman.


“Part of the frustration is not just with what has happened here over the past few years, but it’s the current situation where you don’t have anyone with the full authority or a permeate FDA Commissioner making decisions.  And I think that’s just one more complicating factor, behind why we’re still having this conversation about why FDA hasn’t been doing anything.”


Galen said NMPF also supports the DAIRY PRIDE Act, a potential legislative prod for FDA action, introduced by Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin.



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