Dan Newhouse says Tom Vilsack returning to head the USDA is a good thing for the farming community. The Chair of the Western Congressional Caucus, and a central Washington farmer himself, Newhouse said Vilsack can hit the ground running. Adding the Secretary understands many of the issues before Northwest producers.


“He is very familiar with them, some of the trade issues that we have some of the restrictions that have been placed on them, so we saw that as a positive thing that we can make progress working with him very quickly.”

Newhouse added he’s enjoyed a good working relationship with Vilsack in the past, a relationship he’s looking forward to reestablishing.

“Now that I’m on the Appropriations Agriculture Subcommittee, which gives me an even better vantage point to work for the issues and the priorities of Washington agriculture, I’m going to put all of those things together, and I’m very excited about the opportunities that we have.”

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