Dan Newhouse, chair of the Congressional Western Caucus, took to the House floor last week to call on the Biden Administration to do more to help producers. Newhouse noted farmers across the PNW work hard to feed to country and the world, adding many across the U.S. appreciate that hard work.


“Unfortunately, President Biden and his far-left Democrats are so focused on radically altering the country with their trillion-dollar spending proposals. They’re blind to the impacts their own policies are already having on Americans across the country. The cost of living is at a 40-year high...and is still going up. Now they are looking to raise taxes, again, on small businesses and family farms.”

Newhouse added that it’s important that the lower Snake and Columbia river dams are protected, noting they generate electricity and help prevent floods and much more.

“The Columbia River alone barges more than 50% of U.S. wheat destined for export, and barging on the Columbia and Snake Rivers keeps 700,000 semi-trucks off the roads, and their emissions out of the air, each year. “

Newhouse added he would like the Administration to address ag labor reform in a meaningful way. But he said there is a silver lining.

“American agriculture is strong. We have overcome far worse and will not let these radical policies hold us back from our job of feeding this nation.”

Click Here for Newhouse’s entire speech from the House Floor.

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