Over the weekend, Representative Dan Newhouse, Chair of the Western Caucus, delivered the Republican address. The Central Washington farmer used the time to focus on how the GOP believes the policies of President Biden and his party hurt rural America. Newhouse noted that Democrats are currently focused on “radically altering the country” via the $4.3 trillion Build Back Better initiative and don’t see the impact these policies have already had on Americans nationwide.

“Inflation is at a 13-year high, and now they are looking to raise taxes on small businesses and family farms, all while hiring 87,000 more IRS collection agents.”

“This provision alone often determines whether family farmers and ranchers can maintain their land from one generation to the next, or if that land will be broken up, sold off, and paved over.  I always find it ironic that the same politicians who decry “Big Agriculture” are also the ones who constantly advocate for policies and regulations that make it harder and harder for small family farms, like mine and those of my neighbors’, to survive.”

Newhouse added the Administration’s effort to revive WOTUS (Waters of the United States) is a dangerous policy that provides too much power for federal bureaucrats and could punish farmers who decide to rotate a crop.

Click Here to watch Newhouse’s entire address.

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