On Wednesday, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announced the designation of a new Area Of Known Wolf Activity in the central part of the state.  The new AKWA includes the Upper Deschutes wildlife management unit in Klamath and Deschutes Counties.

ODFW crews said they have monitored reports of a single wolf in the area since August 2021 and one wolf was counted during the winter count.  Early in 2022, tracks of four wolves were found in the area and since then, biologists have worked been working to determine if the activity represented newly established wolves or wolves from the Indigo Pack just to the south.  Last week biologists picked up a trail camera that had pictures of an adult wolf with five pups photographed on July 4.  This confirmed that a new group of wolves had become resident in the area.

ODFW said this is another example of a new wolf use area being discovered thanks to reports from the public, which help biologists focus their monitoring. As a reminder, wolf sightings can be reported at ODFW's Website.

AKWAs are created where and when wolves have become established, meaning an area is used repeatedly over time by the same wolves and not simply dispersing wolves moving through the area. The designation also helps alert livestock producers about wolf presence.  Livestock producers in the AKWA are encouraged to consider non-lethal measures to reduce any potential conflict with wolves.

Depending on how many wolves are in this group of wolves at the end of the year, it may be designated the Upper Deschutes Pack. A pack is defined as at least four wolves traveling together in winter and typically includes at least two adult wolves and offspring.

While, at this time, biologists have mapped an estimated area used by these wolves, additional surveys will be conducted to learn more about the group’s specific home range.

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