Nestle is trying to establish a presence in the animal-free dairy market by working with Perfect Day, a startup company trying to create a milk-like beverage from microflora.  The genetically-engineered microflora will be programmed to produce proteins similar to cow’s milk, but Nestle said the microflora milk will have a smaller environmental footprint.  Nestle said it will try out the new beverage in a handful of stores later this year.  The company says it’s only the beginning of new dairy products.  


“Innovating alongside leaders like Nestle is a key part of how we’re making an impact,” said Perfect Day CEO Ryan Pandya.


Perfect Day is also working with several other manufacturers to bring animal-free milks to market.  They’re working with Betterland Foods, another new company that introduced lactose-free milk in whole or creamy varieties.  Tomorrow Farms introduced its Bored Cow Flavored Milk brand that uses Perfect Day’s animal-free whey proteins.


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