The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association welcomed the release of the final rule from the USDA to establish the Cattle Contract Library Pilot Program.  This program was authorized following NCBA’s congressional engagement on the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2022.


“We are pleased that USDA listened to the feedback from industry stakeholders like NCBA while crafting the final rule for the Cattle Contract Library Pilot Program,” said NCBA senior director of government affairs Tanner Beymer.  “We are hopeful that this pilot program will strike an appropriate balance between offering cattle producers additional insight into the market while also protecting their proprietary business information.” 


Beymer also said a Cattle Contract Library is just one of the many tools that NCBA has advocated for to help producers make informed business decisions and capture the most value possible for their cattle at sale time.  NCBA provided USDA with feedback throughout the testing phase of the program.


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