The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association put together a list of federal programs that are available to help cattle producers across the country who are being impacted by natural disasters. The association also put together a list of ways those who aren’t affected by the challenges can help those producers directly hit by natural disasters.


“The wildfire and hurricanes that have plagued the country these last few weeks are significant disasters that are hurting cattle producers in multiple ways,” says NCBA CEO Colin Woodall. “From flooded operations, burning rangeland, smoke inhalation, and many more challenges, this is a trying time for producers. Everyone needs to take a close look at the resources available to help give relief to producers, their families, and their animals.”

Woodall added that their biggest concern is for the well-being of everyone in the path of these disasters. “Know your evacuation routes and exercise extreme caution when dealing with these deadly forces of nature.”

Ranchers and farmers are urged to utilize the Wildfires and Hurricanes Indemnity Program (WHIP) if it applies to them. NCBA has set up a Web Page that aggregates all disaster relief information in one place, which also includes donation information for those who wish to help.

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