Many in the Northwest beef industry, not just southern Idaho, are eagerly awaiting the opening of True West Beef’s over 250,000 square foot packing facility outside of Jerome.  Cameron Mulroy, Executive Vice President of Idaho Cattle said many of the ranchers with whom he’s talked, are optimistic to have such as state of the art plant so close to home.


“Putting wheels under cattle is an expense, it's a risk, and the longer that they have to spend on a truck, the longer amount of time on a truck, the more our cattle are discounted.  So, I think that's one thing that people are really excited about is it's going to be here it's going to be within the state and even if maybe their cattle aren't going directly there, it's going to open some opportunities closer to home, that those cattle were filling need for.”


Mulrony added the new facility will have a long-lasting and positive impact on the regional beef industry.  Located along Highway 93 in south central Idaho True West Beef is expected to create 350+ jobs in Jerome and the surrounding Magic Valley.


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