As we prepare to welcome in a New Year, the farming community is reminded once again of the importance of advocacy, and staying off the sidelines. Cameron Mulrony, Executive Vice President of the Idaho Cattle Association said policy is constantly changing and evolving. He said it’s important for producers to be active wherever they feel comfortable, whether that’s at the local, state or national level.


“Get involved, because there is new policy, new legislation being proposed daily, and our job as a state association is to track those, but we also need the voice of the membership to make sure that it’s not the opinion or thoughts a small group of individuals, it’s the best to serve the state.”

When it comes to policy and legislation farm country needs to watch in the New Year. Mulrony said environmental and marketing issues are always key in D.C., and with a new Administration, that becomes even more important. And when it comes to state issues, public lands is and will continue to be an import topic for the Ag community to follow going forward.

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