Despite lower commodity prices and the ongoing pandemic, farmers may end up with higher incomes this year.

"Net farm income now is forecast at $102.7 billion dollars, up almost 23% from last year," said USDA Chief Economist, Rob Johannson.

He added USDA's new income forecast is showing farm receipts from sales of commodities is actually down $12 billion dollars from last year.

So, why the increase?

He noted nearly all of that bump up is explained by government payments. Which Johannson said could amount to $37 billion dollars; $16 billion from CFAP alone. In addition, almost $6 billion from the Small Business Administration's Paycheck Protection program, and there are disaster payments trade mitigation payments

"And on top of that we have conservation payments, ARC/PLC payments," Johannson continued.

So, how much of farm sector 2020 income will be from government payments? Johannson said about 41%, but those payments are expected to bring farm bankruptcy down this year.

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