And the winner goes to…. Everyone who raised their glass or cracked open a cold one to celebrate the happy, hoppy concoction!

Whether it was poured into a glass from a tap, drank upside down from a keg, carried in cardboard with 24 cans, or sucked from a bottle. Beer lovers are the winners!

And of course, the ACTUAL winners of 2024 Oregon Beer Awards!

The 9th annual OBA’s took place on Thursday night (April 4th) to a sold-out Revolution Hall in Portland, OR.


With over 1,080 entries from 124 breweries from all across the state, there were winners, and even the losers had smiles on their faces.

It wasn’t just a beer competition, it was a gathering of community in the industry!


Some of the bigger winners at The Oregon Beer Awards were:

Sunriver Brewing Company who belly-upped to the bar quite nicely, winning big in each of their categories.

Great Notion Brewing did an amazing sweep of the awards in the hazy/juicy beers category.

Breakside Brewery brought home the most gold medals of any breweries!

Grand Fir Brewing who won the best new brewery in 2023, scored the small brewing company of the year for 2024.

Nebuleus proving big things for nano brewing in Oregon especially in the mixed-culture and fruited mixed-culture categories!


With so many categories offering Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, it was truly a craftsman’s award show!

  • Pilsner
  • Hoppy Lagers
  • Light & Dark German/European Lagers
  • Stout & Porter
  • Red Beers
  • India Pale Ale
  • Flavored Beers
  • Barrel-Aged Beers & Stouts(to name a few)

The amount of categories and beer breakdowns is staggering, but it’s a task that has to be done in order to crown a winner! You can check out the entire breakdown at

The best of the best rose to the top just like a foamy head in your favorite glass. Congrats to all the breweries and beer makers! Cheers!

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