The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) has enacted a TFN ban on trapping the Cascade Red Fox, lasting at least until March 31st of this year.

 DFW says ban needed to protect endangered species

It went into effect in February and will continue for at least another six weeks or so. The areas where the trapping ban is in effect include (according to DFW):

"Within the exterior boundaries of the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie, Okanogan, Wenatchee, and Gifford Pinchot national forests."


Cascade Red Fox (Rollin Geppert, WA DFW)
Cascade Red Fox (Rollin Geppert, WA DFW)

DFW says it is needed to protect the animals, they are included on the state endangered species list. DFW says the emergency ban is needed because there is not enough time to create new permanent rules.

DFW did not say if the trapping ban will be eventually made permanent.

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