► Idaho Community Supported Agriculture Week runs from February 19 - 25, 2024

► Over 80 CSA programs available in Idaho


This week (February 19-25) has been declared Idaho Community Supported Agriculture Week by Governor Brad Little.

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a program in which consumers purchase memberships or shares from local agricultural producers and receive fresh goods on harvest or production in turn - including honey, dairy, protein, eggs, produce, and flowers. It has also been known as a Farm Share Box.

CSAs allow producers a low-risk, low-cost direct income stream from their local community. More is explained in this video:

How you can join a CSA in Idaho

Idaho's Department of Agriculture offers a CSA website that connects producers and consumers in over 80 CSA programs across the state. With 96% of Idaho farms being family farms, this allows the community to support each other in a local food economy.

Laura Johnson, ISDA Marketing Bureau Chief, stated:

Community Supported Agriculture plays a pivotal role in connecting consumers with local farmers and ranchers while promoting the consumption of high-quality, Idaho-grown produce. Governor Little’s proclamation reaffirms the state’s commitment to fostering a strong agricultural economy and supporting our local farmers.

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