Ongoing inflation resulted in higher retail prices of organic fresh produce during the 3rd quarter of this year.  The Organic Produce Network says that generated a 4.1% increase in total organic dollars but also contributed to a decline of 4.5% in organic volume compared to the same period last year.  Overall, organic fresh produce pricing per pound increased by 8.9% during the third quarter compared to the same time in 2021.  Sales during the third quarter topped $2.4 billion this year.  


At the same time, conventional produce’s average price per pound increased by more than 10%, with total sales of almost $18 billion.


Tomatoes were the bright spot for organic sales in the 3rd quarter, thanks to a 19% increase in volume and a hefty 30% increase in dollars.  Fourteen of the top categories posted year-over-year increases in dollars, led by potatoes, onions, and peaches.


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