The Idaho Farm Bureau Federation is discussing constructing a new headquarters in Boise, blocks from the existing building.  IFBF President Bryan Searle, said the current building, which they purchased 30 years ago, is nearly a century old, and they are busting at the seams.


As conversation have intensified about constructing a new building, Searle says one thing they are looking at doing is how can they strengthen their relationships with other ag organizations.  Something he noted everyone in farm country should look at doing on a daily basis.


“One of the thoughts was we call this even the Ag center and we invite other ag organizations, and that could branch out, and it doesn’t need to be an ag organization, but we would house it.  This building will be 40,000 square feet of office space, it'll be at a five story and on the top that top floor will be the boardroom out the boardroom window is just within a few 100 feet is the capitol.”


Searle says the new building will not be flashy, but functional.


“This building the actual presence, to me, elevates exactly who we are; that strong voice of agriculture.  And here we are we're moving, we're progressive and everything that we do.  And agriculture is critical and important, or more important, today than ever before.” 


Searle says if all goes according to plan, IFBF could start demo work in the summer.




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