Pullman, WA — B2B LLC, a full-service land transaction business, will hold an online-only farmland auction August 24-29. The auction features the Thonney Family Farmland, located approximately halfway between Pullman and Moscow on the Highway 270 corridor, which will sell for the first time since 1877 when the property was originally homesteaded by the Thonney family.

Approximately 248 acres are being sold in three parcels ranging from 10 acres to 124 acres. The parcels can be purchased through the online auction individually or in any combination. Farm ground located in the Palouse region is highly sought after and well known for its high rainfall which allows for a continuous crop rotation of grain and legumes and production of high yields.

Thonney Family Farmland overview Courtesy: B2B LLC
Thonney Family Farmland overview
Courtesy: B2B LLC


Bordered by the Pullman airport to the north and Sunshine Road residential to the south, this farm is ideally situated in the heart of Washington State’s premier grain production area. Highvalue farmland in this area is a tightly held asset with ownership often transferring from generation to generation and rarely coming up for sale to the public. This farmland would be a great addition to an existing farm operation or a smart investment for a buyer looking to diversify their asset portfolio.

Theophilus Thonney, according to family history, spent two or three summers driving a wagon from Walla Walla to the Pullman-Moscow Palouse area to deliver sheep herder supplies. During his visits he had noticed a piece of property that had a beautiful creek running through it, along with hilly vistas that looked out on both the area mountains (Moscow) and plains. When he turned 21, Theophilus returned and staked his 160 acres via homestead land deed. Originally a dairy, the Thonney farm was also known for raising hogs and wheat, but later Thonney's Studio - a portrait, school, wedding & event photography studio.

If you've ever been to an auction of any type - fundraising or livestock, for example - you've most likely experienced the excitement in the air and the anticipation toward hearing the auctioneer cry "sold." B2B LLC online real estate auctions are just as exciting as one watches as the online opportunity clock ticks down, then the screen blinks with a new bid and four more minutes are added to the possibility of winning.

Registration for the auction will be due no later than noon (PST), on August 23; the online auction opens at 11am on August 24. Details on the property and how to register, can be found at: Booker2Bid.com.

Source: Booker2Bid

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