This June, AgriSafe Network is offering a free webinar, titled "Emergency Ready - Hazardous Materials Down on the Farm: Playbook of Strategies for Farm and Ranch Families."

The webinar is designed for agricultural producers and managers; farm workers; and rural EMT and firefighters. Participants should be able to identify hazardous material exposures, understand the implications of exposures, and know which protective equipment to use when working with these materials.

When: Jun 12, 2024 at 10:00 AM Pacific (11:00 AM Mountain)

Where: Online via Zoom

Presented by: Linda Emanuel, BSN, RN; Community Health Director, AgriSafe Network

Official Course Summary:

Hazardous materials lurk around many corners of farm shops, buildings, and barns. The health impacts of organic and inorganic exposures can be mild to devastating. Be prepared and be ready to handle identifiable and nonidentifiable materials during everyday farm and ranch work as well as during emergencies. In this training, we will discuss action steps, strategies, and resources to protect individuals working and living on the ranch and farm.


Registration is free and available online.

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