The Newhall family’s Windy N Ranch, based in Ellensburg, WA, recently celebrated 10 years as a Certified Animal Welfare Approved operation by A Greener World. The certification recognizes the Central Washington farm for their “highest animal welfare standards”.  Owner Greg Newhall, said the CAWA approval is one of the highest honors in the world when it comes to animal welfare recognition.

"They've got very high standards, it's difficult to get and it's difficult to maintain. You're inspected yearly. They have high standards in how animals are cared for and how they're killed.”

A Greener World looks exclusively at animal welfare, meaning breed, cut or wrap are not taken into consideration. Newhall added the Certified Animal Welfare Approved designation carries more weight as time continues, and some customers have sought out Windy N Ranch because they are certified.

"It's a certification that is gaining traction. If nothing more than just another resource to ask questions of in how to raise animals if there's anything you're not sure about, but it's primarily so that the customer that what we do here is fair for an animal.”

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