While understanding has grown over recent years between about the Farm Bill and how all pieces of that legislation go together, many in farm country say more needs to be done.  Will Stafford with CHS Inc. says it’s important to stress that the Farm Bill has little chance of clearing Congress as a standalone farm safety net and conservation vehicle; the nutrition title he says must be included.  He noted it’s important that this message is shared with the general population as well as new members of Congress.


“One of those areas is telling them that the farm policy and the nutrition side are married together for a reason, and one does compliment the other.  And strong farm policy is good for their constituents for having a good, abundant, safe, plentiful, cheap, food supply.”


Stafford added Farm Bill education is vital when it comes to overcoming the rural/urban divide in the U.S.


“Every election we're seeing less and less members that have a farm background that have a rural background and more and more urban members.  So we as an industry need to do our jobs and reach out to some of these members and find where we have common ground.”


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