There’s a celebration of all things dirt, this weekend, in central Oregon's Crook County.  Sun-Life Farm and Ranch will host their first official “Dirt Day Soilebration” on Saturday, August 13th, through a partnership with NRCS.  Grass, Lavender and Bee farmer Jeff Fox said it’s important to know where our food comes from, and how.

"Just an overall understanding of what has happened with soil, what is happening to soil at varying levels - be it from climate change, be it from our drought situation. But there’s an ever-changing nature to the ag industry, here in Central Oregon."

Fox said this weekend, they'll have displays, a big pit to explore and several great guest speakers.
"From native grasses and native soils, and the breakdown of what has happened on the native front here in Central Oregon, and just overall, the changes. And hopefully what we can do better, as the public, moving forward, to put some emphasis back into sustainability. And, I guess, give them more of an appreciation of where everything comes from and just how interconnected we all are."
Dirt Day is Saturday from 10 to 3:30 at Sun-Life Farm and Ranch outside of Prineville.  Visit Sun-Life Farm's Website to learn more.
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