As we get ready for new state and federal legislative sessions to get underway next month, many in the farming community have expressed concerns about the rift in American politics and what it means for producers.  Several commodity experts have expressed concerns that progressive democrats don’t appreciate the role agriculture plays in the 21st century, while at the same time, they are concerned that many Trump-based candidates will want to cut pivotal programs without understanding the long-term ramifications.


Rick Naerebout, President and CEO of the Idaho Dairymen’s Association said the state legislature in Boise will look very different in 2023, thanks to nearly 50% turnover.  But he said that drastic change provides them the opportunity to build relationships with these new lawmakers.


“And help them better understand our industry and understand, if we're coming to them with a piece of legislation, why we're why we're bringing that legislation to them, and the need to pass it.  And so for us, we're optimistic that even though we had a high turnover we can work with these new legislators, and that by and large, they're going to see the need for the different pieces of legislation that ag brings their way and continue to be a very productive body like we've seen in previous legislative sessions.  But we're going into it with a glass half full approach.”


The first session of the 67th Idaho Legislature starts Monday, January 9th.


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