An alliance of groups that represent farmers, forest owners, the food sector, state governments, and environmental advocates released what many are calling an unprecedented list of recommendations to guide Federal climate policy development. The effort is called the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance, and it was formed in February by the four groups that co-chair the alliance: the American Farm Bureau Federation, Environmental Defense Fund, the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, and the National Farmers Union. The alliance has expanded to include several other groups in the past nine months.

The group developed over 40 recommendations for federal policymakers, with those recommendations based on three principles: climate policies must be built upon voluntary, incentive-based programs and market-driven opportunities, they must promote resilience and adaptation in rural communities, and they must be science-based. These recommendations share an overall goal of doing no harm.

“We are proud to have broken through historical barriers to form this unique alliance focused on climate policy,” said AFB President Zippy Duvall. “It was important to me to reject punitive climate policy ideas of the past in favor of policies that respect farmers and support positive change, and our final recommendations do just that.”

Click Here to read the proposed recommendations.

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