You don't need to tell anyone who lives in the western U.S., but incase you didn't know, 2020 was a really  bad year for wild fires.


"Last year we saw over ten million acres burn. 50% above the ten year average and tragically in addition to the loss of  life and property we also lost 12 of our brave fire fighters pilots and equipment officers as a result of these horrific fires," Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack recently noted. "That's why I was troubled and the secretary was troubled  as well when we received the briefing today suggesting at this point in time the singles and indications are that we are heading in to another very dangerous fire year." 

Vilsack and Interior Secretary Deb Haaland say there is no doubt why we're seeing more fires, and more intense blazes.

"We owe it to the brave women and men on the front lines to ensure that we are giving them all the tools and training they need to protect our families, our lands, and our planet from the increasing threat of fire," Haaland recently noted. "To do so, we must confront the reality that that a changing climate is fueling these fire disasters."

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