The Washington DNR and WSU Extension Forestry will host a series of Forest Stewardship planning courses this spring. Extension forester, Patrick Shultz, said the multi week course covers a variety of topics, making it almost a crash course when it comes to the world of forestry.

"We touch on forest health, forest ecology, things like tree culture, thinning, harvesting. We also type of wildlife habitat.”

Shultz added they will also dip into forest practice rules around harvesting.

"There's a ton of different ways can benefit like learning about your property through the eyes of someone who has a scientific understanding of forestry and forest ecology."

There will be three versions of the courses, grouped together by different regions of the state; Northeast, Northwest and Southwest. The courses also provide resources for future use, like cost share programs.

Click Here to learn more, or to sign up for one of the courses.

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